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I will admit, I was nervous - didn't know what to expect and my schedule was unexpectedly crazy but Charlisa really worked with me. For most adventures like this, you think you're just getting someone that's reading from a script. Nope, that's not the case here. Charlisa gives a damn about you and what you're doing and it shows. Passion flows from her words - she is so inspiring! She's going to give you the scoop on successful entrepreneurship while reminding you you are human. Honestly, it's business coaching AND therapy. It's so worth it. It's an experience that I'd do again, without a second thought! 





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I have experienced many trials and triumphs during the course of building a brand and a flourishing business and I'm here to tell you that without necessary systems in place, you may become busy, but may not always be profitable.

Hey there Entrepreneurs! I am Charlisa Harris, the CEO of Chadowboxx Salon and Mylani by Chadowboxx product line. I have been in the salon industry for over 23 years and after 10 years of salon ownership, I can tell you one thing.... Entrepreneurship is not easy! 

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Meet Charlisa

I have created the Out The Box Empowerment Group as a way  to help you as the Entrepreneur or aspiring Entrepreneur to incorporate ways to monetize your expertise and essentially earn your way to 6 figures. It's possible! I have personally earned 6 figures with my two hands and strategy... while juggling 3 children as a single mother, including one on the Autism Spectrum. It can be done! And I want to help.

-Charlisa Harris


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Join me for my Out The Box Mastermind Group beginning soon, and let's work together to strategize your way into being profitable, flourishing in business, while allowing yourself time freedom to spend with your own families! 

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